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Hart Family Care is trained to diagnose and treat several types of benign skin growths and lesions. They are also able to collect skin biopsies to test and see if a growth is cancerous. Lesions, cysts, and warts can be a touchy subject to talk about; however, some cases can be quite serious. Those at Hart Family Care are there to talk with you about your issues and see what they can do to fix any problems you may have.


A cyst is a collection of fluid in a small pocket. On occasion, a cyst may grow under your skin. While the majority of cysts are not dangerous, you should have yours checked so your doctor can determine its seriousness. If it's causing discomfort or found to be dangerous, removal is an option.


Warts are lumpy skin growths caused by a virus and are very common. Hart Family Care offers a number of methods to remove and treat warts during your visit to our office. Wart treatments include: freezing, treatment with chemicals, and/or scraping or shaving with a scalpel.

Sometimes, you may need to return to the office several times for repeated treatments until the warts are gone.

Make an appointment today with Hart Family Care’s Ashland office to get your lesion, cyst, warts, etc. checked out today.