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Regular health check-ups are important for men. Even in the absence of symptoms, many physicians recommend routine, yearly doctor visits and physicals for males of all ages.

Men have always seemed reluctant to pay a visit to the doctor, however getting a regular physical exam, or check up at Hart Family Care of Ashland, KY is a sure way to prevent health problems before they develop into serious health issues.

The physician at Hart Family Care integrates the information you provide from your symptoms, past health problems, physical examination and testing to detect disease or a risk of disease. If you feel well and have a normal exam, it's likely you are healthy.

Unfortunately, many conditions can escape detection even with the best medical care.

Which exams and screenings you need depends on your age, health and family history, and lifestyle choices such as what you eat, how active you are, and whether you smoke.

Services Provided:

  • General Physical Exams
  • Prostate Exams
  • Cancer Screening
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease Treatment
  • Diabetes/Blood Pressure Screening
  • Managing Chronic Disease
  • Health Education
  • Family Planning
  • Depression or Stress Screening