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Minor surgery is the term traditionally used for treatments that involve cutting or stitching tissue. However, advances in surgical techniques have made the definition more complicated. Sometimes lasers, ultracisions, rather than scalpels, are used to cut tissue.

Surgery is a broad area of care and involves many different techniques. There are many conditions that can be treated quickly and easily by minor surgery:

  • Vaporisation with electrical diathermy (Ex: Warts destruction)
  • Simple excision (Example: Mole biopsy)

This just requires a little local anaesthetic and a few minutes of your time.

Minor surgical procedures may be done at Hart Family Care in Ashland, KY using appropriate aseptic technique, including a clean work area, preparation and disinfection of the surgical site including clipping of the hair and surgical scrub of the skin, draping of the surgical site with sterile drapes, mask by the surgeon and any assistants working in the surgical field.

Please contact Hart Family Care in Ashland, KY today if you may need more information or to set up an appointment regarding minor surgery.