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“Mole” is not really a medical term. It is a general term that refers to any discolored spot on the skin. Moles can be any color – brown, black, pink, red, white, grey, purple, or a mixture of colors. They can be flat or raised. Medically, we are most concerned about discolored spots that might be melanomas (a potentially dangerous type of skin cancer that can spread throughout the body if not completely removed) or spots that might turn into melanomas. Moles are important because some of the types of spots we call moles can be melanomas. Most “moles” are harmless; but finding the ones that are not harmless can save your life.

Mole removal is a relatively quick and simple surgical procedure. The removal of moles is a very common procedure requiring little recovery time. It is advantageous to have mole removal surgery performed by Hart Family Care of Ashland, KY to ensure minimization of any potential scarring.

The best mole removal method is dependent upon the characteristic of the mole to be removed, including its size, shape and color. If you may need more information regarding mole biopsy, melanomas, and excisions please contact Hart Family Care of Ashland, KY today to set up an appointment. Walk-ins are accepted as well.