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Hart Family Care specializes in both surgical and nonsurgical nail removal services. Nonsurgical nail removal, more formally known as chemical nail removal, is relatively painless in stature and is used for fungal nail infections. This technique removes only the diseased and damaged nail, not the healthy part of the nail. Either the entire nail or part of the nail can be removed. This procedure is almost always painless.

Hart Family Care also specializes in surgical nail removal. Surgical nail removal can be done for severe or returning fungal nail infections. The entire nail or only part of the nail can be removed. The doctor at Hart Family Care will give you an injection in the finger or toe to prevent pain. They will then loosen the skin around the nail from the nail and separate the nail from the skin by using a tool under the nail. If only part of the nail is diseased, only the diseased part is removed.

Without treatment, fungal and ingrown nails can become quite the problem. Contact Hart Family Care’s Ashland, KY. office to schedule your next appointment today!